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Welcome to the most extensive and diverse commercial collection of antique and collectable rocking horses on the internet. Whether you are a dedicated collector, an arctophile (bear collector) looking for something for Teddy or just seeking a family heirloom, I probably have the rocking horse for you.

My stock is so extensive, I have it organised into stables, usually by maker.

Although there have been many makers of rocking horses over the years, the two largest ones in Victorian and Edwardian England are Ayres and Lines, they therefore have warranted a stable each. There were many other makers of equally fine antique rocking horses, so they also have their own "stable". Just click an image below.

F H Ayres antique rocking horse
F H Ayres

G&J Lines rocking horse

Whitley Reed rocking horse

Post war, Collinsons of Liverpool were very prolific makers of rocking horses, strictly speaking vintage. Anything made since then, I term as Contemporary rocking horses, hence my next two "stables".

Large Collinsons Rocking Horse
Collinsons rocking horses

Contemporary Rocking Horse
Contemporary rocking horses

I also like the unusual and quirky, much of which you many find in the above stable pages, but I will add another two groups, Bow rockers, if you are looking for one, the dominant pre 1880 design and still going strong and Carts and Carriages of various kinds.

Toy dray and pair
Carts and Carriages

Lines Bow Rocking Horse
Bow Rocking Horses

I hope you will find this site to be an enjoyable browsing experience. Despite the extent of the collection displayed here, not all of my stock gets onto this website, so if you do not find something to attract your interest, do please contact me.

To guide you through this amount of choice, try my "Buyers Guide", it may help you decide from so many rocking horses which one is for you.

For a collection of this quality, I believe my prices are competitive, so I always publish them on this website. Anyway do enjoy the "browse" and don't hestitate to contact me if you have any enquiries.

I'm preparing my autumn collection now, and need to clear some stock, so for the summer only I'm offering some bargains in my Summer Sale. Look at the drop down menus on the top of each page.


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Buying an antique rocking horse can be a sound long term investment. It is important that you are happy with your choice on what will probably be in your family for many years as a treasured heirloom. Some antique rocking horses retain much originality, others may be extensively restored to the point of appearing new. At Sally's Rocking Horses, I hold an extensive collection of rocking horses to suit all tastes. Most rocking horses are still fully functional, in fact fully restored rocking horses usually can be used and simply have future restoration work to repair any wear and tear associated with use.
My collection of antique rocking horses is easily the largest in one place, in the UK, outside of a museum. I have a dedicated business premises, not a front room or a garden shed. I highly recommend a visit if you want to have genuine choice in a good setting. I also exhibit at some antiques fairs, you may be able to arrange a viewing at a location nearer to you. I probably sell more antique rocking horses than anyone else, I achieve this through competitive pricing and service. You may find cheaper on Ebay, and view obscure photographs. (I use a professional photographic studio to produce a portfolio of quality high resolution photographs of each rocking horse.) You may travel far to see a rocking horse in someone's garage that then is not what you are really after, costing you valuable money and time! I do have the overhead of VAT, no one really wants to pay tax, but then no business that doesn't can't really offer this level of service and choice. Likewise I can offer the security and piece of mind through taking debit and credit card payments, the card company will refund you if your rocking horse doesn't arrive, even if you live on the other side of the world.
Moving rocking horses, especially large ones, is not easy and can be quite expensive. I will deliver to most places in the UK for £85, which is very competitive with present day transport costs. You have the right under distance selling regulations to return a rocking horse if you are not satisfied. My delivery service allows me to make sure that you are happy with your rocking horse when delivered, as back loading is then relatively easy if you are not.
Browse the internet as much as you want, some sites may offer as many as a dozen antique rocking horses at best. If you will not find a wider selection, and I do pride myself on having broad tastes in rocking horses and related items. Enjoy my collection, it does change rapidly, so I highly recommend signing up to my monthly newsletter and new stock updates, just email me.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon

Terms and Conditions
All goods sold as antique or restored are subject to the descriptions given in our condition reports. Sally's Rocking Horses Ltd can only accept responsibility for the accuracy and validity of these documents as related to the item sold, for which we endeavour to be as complete and accurate as is reasonable based on inspection of the item and considered expert opinion. Antique rocking horses rarely have definitive provenance, and are sold subject to descriptions matching the evidence available. Antique rocking horses, whilst often perfectly serviceable cannot be sold as toys for children were lead based paints have been used, likewise nor can original workmanship be guaranteed, though we endeavour to ensure that contemporary repair work is up to current standards prohibiting the use of lead based paints and toxins in other materials.
We want you to be happy with your purchase, and in any case we comply with the European Distance Selling Regulations, which allows you to withdraw from a purchase bought over the internet within 7 days of receipt of goods. The item must be returned in the condition it was received, and the purchaser is responsible for transport costs. For details of these regulations and the sale of goods act, go to

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