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A fabric covered rocking horse by Collinsons of Liverpool
A relatively rare fabric covered Collinson from the 1960s. We don't come across too many of these, this one is in fine condition for his age. The plush covering is to give the rocking horse a more realistic finish, compared to a real horse. All fittings are mostly original, apart from a replacement natural horse hair mane and tail. The cordouroy saddle has some wear and tear (This can be remedied with a replacement of the same pattern.)
Height 36"

Body Length 19"

Length of stand 44"
Price £345

Collinsons of Liverpool is a famous rocking horse making family going back as far as 1836. They are especially collectable today from their postwar output, producing cheaper horses in the increasingly mass produced markets emerging. At this period their designs are quite distinctive with rectangular pillars, diamond shaped pillar covers, brass pin eyes, cordouroy saddles and a distinctive paint design. Medium and larger horses seem to have used rocking iron brackets from what must have been an enormous stock of Lines brackets.
Production tailed off in the 1980s, with the firm ceasing trading after five generations in the same family in 1992.

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