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Lines Rocking Horse

Rufus, A G and J Lines rocking horse circa 1900-1910.

Rufus is a stunning extra large Lines rocking horse. Beautifully restored by John Woods, one of the most accomplished restorers you can find, it has brought out all the presence such a rocking horse would have had in an Edwardian nursery.

Dating to circa 1900, this is the rarer J&G Lines (as opposed to G&J!), evidenced by the thicker neck and more angular rump.

Rufus has a side saddle pommel, with pommel holes and covers on both sides, such fittings were “de rigeur” for Victorian-Edwardian middle class families. This can be removed if preferred.

His replacement saddle and bridle have been made to the style of the original. His eyes are his original glass ones, and his mane and tail are natural horse hair.

Height 51"

Body Length 31"

Length Overall 63.5"
G&J Lines operated from 1850-1931 initially in the busy King's Cross area of London. They became Victorian England's largest rocking horse maker, yet maintained the highest qualities of workmanship and carving. G&J stands for the founding brothers, George and Joseph Lines

Prior to 1914 they operated five scattered workshops across London. The brackets usually have been stamped on the underside, with J&G being stamped on a slightly different model with a thicker neck to those stamped G&J.

Lines Bros was a company formed after World War 1 by George and Walter Lines, sons of Joseph Lines who had founded the famous Lines company. Lines Bros became Triang in 1927 and went on the absorb the parent company and for a while become the largest toy maker in the world.

They are renowned for their sportiboy model, available in a number of sizes it featured a detachable saddle, bowler hat covers on the irons and pillar tops and the distinctive circular, later triangular triang badge.

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