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A Lines Bros Sportiboy rocking horse circa 1927-30

Sportiboys were the most popular rocking horses made by Lines Bros when they broke away from the parent Lines company. Although Lines had moved over to production line manufacture, sportiboys were well carved and sold well. This fine example has had a restoration, hence in a fairly good condition for a 100 year old horse (almost!)

The original detachable saddle has been replaced with a fixed one, she has also had her tack, mane and tail replaced, apart from which she is original. The horse and stand are sound, in full working order and capable of riding on for another 100 years.

Identifying features include having LBL SP1 stamped on the rocking iron brackets, indicating (LBL) Lines Brothers Limited and (SP1), the smaller sportiboy model (they went from 1 to 4). The small pairs of stains on each end of the stand base marking the nail holes for the original circular maker's plates. As these were later replaced by triangular badges with three nail holes as the company morphed into Triang. For this reason this horse can be dated to 1927-30.

Height 34"

Body Length 19"

Length Overall 44"

Sorry Sold

Lines Bros was a company formed after World War 1 by George and Walter Lines, sons of Joseph Lines who had founded the famous Lines company. Lines Bros became Triang in 1927 and went on the absorb the parent company and for a while become the largest toy maker in the world.

They are renowned for their sportiboy model, available in a number of sizes it featured a detachable saddle, bowler hat covers on the irons and pillar tops and the distinctive circular, later triangular triang badge.

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