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Antique Rocking Horses

A Collinsons Box Horse, circa 1930-50

Box rocking horses, as the name suggests, were basic designs for the lower end of the market. However, they do have a certain charm, so we had this one restored with a polychrome pattern.
The pattern is based on one used by some Liverpool based rocking horse makers in the period circa 1900-30 for some rocking horses which notably were supplied to Atlantic liners. There was often a strong art deco influence in furnishing these ships hence a very different and fun alternative to the traditional dapple grey.
The result is this delightful little horse which will appeal to younger children, look good in a playroom and at a more affordable price than larger and more detailed rocking horses.
Height 34"

Body Length 19"

Length Overall 44"
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Collinsons of Liverpool is a famous rocking horse making family going back as far as 1836. They are especially collectable today from their postwar output, producing cheaper horses in the increasingly mass produced markets emerging. At this period their designs are quite distinctive with rectangular pillars, diamond shaped pillar covers, brass pin eyes, corduroy saddles and a distinctive paint design. Medium and larger horses seem to have used rocking iron brackets from what must have been an enormous stock of Lines brackets.
Production tailed off in the 1980s, with the firm ceasing trading after five generations in the same family in 1992.
Box horses, basically a simple box with a head and tack on it were popular cheaper toys from the 1920s onwards until possibly the 1960s.
Early twentieth century trans Atlantic liners vied with each other for speed and comfort on this lucrative route. Some Liverpool rocking horse makers seem to have supplied rocking horses for these ships with a distinctive art nouveau influenced polychrome pattern.

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