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Antique Rocking Horses

Antique rocking horse.

Bingo is a Zoo rocking horse, made in Germany in the 1920's. Little is known about Zoo Werstatten of Munich, except they made a similar rocking horse on a bow with a mechanism to move the horse, similar to that in a patent taken out by one Everlyn De La Rue in London in 1906. We have provenance of this rocking horse being on his current Marqua stand as of 1948, whether that is original to this horse, or he was originally on a bow, we can only speculate.

What can be said is that these rocking horses are very distinctive, having a very stylistic art noveau shape, definately built for racing! From photographs it would appear that the moving bow had a rope leading down from the horse's mouth to operate a mechanism stopping the bow from moving on small wheels on it's underside. Forward motion being achieved by rocking the horse, and stopping by pulling back on the head. There is no sign of any hinging of the head, but it's construction is such as to suggest that it is entirely possible to have done this.

This rocking horse was repainted a few years ago and is in excellent condition. It appears to be original, with the Marqua stand having provenance back to 1948 at least.

Something a little different, probably rare and with a certain appeal.

Height 27"

Body Length 21"

Length Overall 51"
Sorry Sold

Zoo Werkstatten, Munich, Germany

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