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Antique Velocopede

This is a french made velocopede dating to circa 1880-1914. It features a cast iron head on a wooden body. The head supports a pair of hand cranks, used to turn the rear wheels by way of a chain drive. Turning is achieved by moving foot pedals on the front wheel. The wooden body has been repainted, the front legs have probably been repaired, they are frequently damaged in use.
It is complete apart from the chain (the original chains were made of wire loops.)

Height 26"

Body Length 18"

Length Overall 31"

Velocopedes date back to as early as the 1830s and were fore runners in the developement of cycles. Commonly made in France, but also by British companies such as Lines, especially in the period 1880-1914. In modern times replica versions were imported from the Phillipines.

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