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Robert's Pegasus

A winged rocking horse by Withers

Robert's Pegasus is quite simply the most exquisite rocking horse currently available for sale. If you are looking for a statement and a completely original "one off" rocking horse, then this is the boy for you. His beauty is in the simplicity of his paint and tack, along with the expert carving of his maker, Robert Iliffe of Withers Rocking Horses.

Robert only ever made one Pegasus horse and he is being sold with his patent which was registered in 2005. This horse is huge and can be ridden by adults and children. His magnificent wings are detachable for ease of transport.

Pegasus is in excellent condition having remained in the business since new. He was used as a company display feature before being stored when Robert retired.

This is the one rocking horse which I have longed to have since I first met him. I doubt he will be with us for long but I am certainly enjoying him whilst he is here.

Height 62" (72" top wing tip)

Body Length 29"

Length Overall 72"

Wing span 48"

Withers was the trading name used by Robert and Linda Iliffe, who made a range of innovative bespoke rocking horses before 2009 when Robert sadly died. Robert took great pride in the individuality of each of his horses. Each horse was hand carved and hand painted. Robert worked closely with his clients and often copied the paintwork from owners own horses. He made a Rocking Unicorn which was used by Waterstones as a display feature for one of the Harry Potter books in their Oxford Street store.


He then made the one Pegasus horse which you see here. This horse was used by Robert as a display feature at trade fairs. The business was sold shortly before Roberts death and Pegasus was then put into storage, until he arrived with us on Christmas Eve 2017. I am so proud to have Pegasus here as he is the horse which I have dreamt of aquiring.

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