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Extra large Stevensons rocking horse

Womble, Special dressage version

If you are looking for a statement then look no further, because Womble is definitely a statement!

For starters he is the extra large model standing 60 inches high. This horse will easily take a child of any age, and an adult. In fact he could take the giant from Jack in the Beanstalk and would not complain!


Womble is based on a real dapple grey dressage horse and has longer saddle flaps and added knee rolls for added comfort whilst you are riding. He has a natural horse hair mane and tail, fixed leather saddle and detachable leather bridle.  Stevensons Bros are the most well known of contemporary rocking horse makers and based in Kent. The new retail price for this model is £7500. 

Height 59"

body Length 33"

Length 70"
Sorry Sold

Stevensons of Kent are contemporary makers of quality hand made rocking horses, established by brothers Mark and Tony Stevenson in 1988. Based in Tenterden, Kent they are still thriving with a reputation for quality and innovation.

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