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Relko Rocking Horse


Relko of Devon rocking horse

Relko was a rocking horse maker based in Devon in the 1980's, early 90s. They are known for designs of laminate construction rocking horses, of which Hobbit is an example. Hobbit has a waxed wood finish which highlights the wood patterns produced by the laminate construction method.

Hobbit has been well cared for, with all his orginal leather tack and light chestnut horse hair mane and tail still in good condtion and serviceable, with the exception of his bridle which is being replaced. His saddle and bridle are detachable, with adjustable stirrup leathers, for added play value.

Hobbit is a sound horse made by a known maker to an award winning design that has known at least 25 years service and will no doubt still be a working horse for many more years (with TLC!) to come at a very affordable price.

Height 41"
Body Length 28"
Overall Length approx 48"
Sorry Sold

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